Cool Retail Concepts: Don för Person

January 10, 2020
Ilona Oksanen

#diy #Stockholm #sustainable #omnichannelconcepts

On my travels in Stockholm browsing the newest design trends and store concepts,I bumped into a delightful retail concept of Son för Person at the heart of Södermals Nybrogatan.

Don för Person is a hardware store rental shop and handyman service, with 2 locations in Stockholm. Don för Person looks at home improvement beyond just bolts and screws and offers a modern and holistic and sustainable viewpoint on DIY projects. 

In this omnichannel concept, customers can browse and reserve rental tools online and pop into the gorgeous shop for collecting their wishlist. And let me tell you, this instagrammable shop is definitely worth the visit, and a true sight for a (male and female) sore eye. 

Helping customers avoid spending big bucks on various equipment such as drills and other powertools, with only one or two user moments in their entire lifecycle, Don för Person has really understood and tapped on people’s fleeing need to own everything themselves. Offering in-store DIY workshops and a bunch of online content for craft hungry millenials, I can only offer a warm welcome to the guys to Helsinki too!

Need support bringing together your online and offline worlds into a holistic omnichannel retail concept? Get in touch and let's find your true potential in the market!

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