Nordic Design Trends for retail 2020

February 3, 2020
Ilona Oksanen

#designtrends #retaildesign #visualinspiration

Beginning of the year is an exciting time for the Nordic design scene, as designers, architects and interior enthusiasts gather at Stockholm's Design Week and Furniture Fair. This year I had a great opportunity to join a fellow designer and take a dive into the world of Nordic interior design - with a retail designers viewpoint. 

Spatial and visual design in retail spaces are often mandated by limitations of product, customer flow and sales KPI’s. But the role of physical store is evolving “from spaces to store stuff”’ to places where customers really enjoy their time.

In-store visual excellence is a strong added value for many customers and the driver behind many successful omnichannel concepts and web-to-store strategies. What makes a store worth a visit and gives a competitive advantage is most definitely delightful ambient design and spatial experiences. 

To spark your visual inspiration, imagination and new ideas for retail design for 2020 - here’s my visual insights fueled from the Scandinavian design trends. Enjoy!

Next week I'll be heading to Düsseldorf to visit Euroshop - the biggest retail trade fair in Europe! So stay tuned for some serious retail inspiration on in-store design, visual merchandising and all things retail magic!
If you're looking for fresh view point on retail future and trends - get in touch to book a workshop or keynote!

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